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Elvis Tapfumanei MBCS, CSM®

Product Manager ( Digital Products)
CMI Chartered Manager (CMgr) Candidate
Business Analyst

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Sparking Innovation, One idea at a time

Team-Focused Leadership

Empowering cross-functional teams to excel through clear communication and strategic vision, aligned with overarching business objectives.

Results-Driven Strategies

Utilising a blend of innovative leadership and tactical execution to deliver high-impact solutions that drive business growth and transformation.

Accessible Expertise

Offering a range of resources and consultation services to equip professionals and businesses with the insights and tools they need to succeed.

Meet elvis.

Leveraging technical prowess to meet market demands, my career transcends typical project management. It is about ideating and delivering solutions that catalyse industry evolution. Spearheading efforts to broaden financial access via mobile tech and devising strategies that elevate customer interaction, my trajectory exemplifies innovation-led product management in today’s tech landscape.

Transformative Projects:
A Portfolio of Impact

Discover a curated collection of my most impactful projects, where strategic vision meets tangible results. Each initiative showcases a blend of innovative product management, agile leadership, and data-driven decision-making. From revolutionizing fintech landscapes to pioneering sustainable product designs, these projects reflect a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and market growth. Dive into a portfolio where each project is a testament to driving change, achieving significant efficiency gains, and enhancing user experiences across diverse sectors.

Revolutionising Team Efficiency and Productivity Through Agile Practices
Led the transformative integration of Agile methodologies, improving project delivery timelines by 40%, enhancing team collaboration, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement across 5 key departments.

Navigating New Horizons: Strategic Market Expansion for Fintech Innovation
Directed a market expansion strategy, achieving a 30% increase in user base and a 25% growth in revenue within the first year through targeted entry into 3 new international markets.

Empowering Product Evolution with Direct Customer Insights
Developed a system integrating customer feedback into product development, leading to a 50% reduction in customer complaints and a 35% improvement in user satisfaction scores over six months.

Agile Adoption: Catalysing Organisational Flexibility and Efficiency
Championed an agile transformation that enhanced operational efficiency by 25%, increased project delivery speed by 50%, and significantly improved adaptability to market changes across the entire organisation.

Leveraging Data to Drive Product Innovation and Personalisation
Spearheaded the creation of a data analytics platform, providing insights that led to a 20% increase in product engagement and a 15% uplift in conversion rates through data-driven product enhancements.

Revitalizing User Engagement: A Mobile App Redesign Success Story
Orchestrated a comprehensive redesign of a mobile application, focusing on user experience improvements that led to a 40% increase in daily active users and a 25% rise in average session length within three months of launch.

Personal Musings & Guidance

Journey through articles born from everyday experiences and conversations. These pieces offer a blend of self-help guidance and introspective musings, aimed to inspire and provoke thoughtful engagement.


Trusted Partnerships

Discover the diverse range of companies and organisations that have entrusted me with their projects. Each collaboration speaks to the quality and adaptability of my services.

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